The Best Affiliate WordPress Themes 2015

For making money online one of the best ways and the easiest one is affiliate marketing. In this marketing system, you get money through commission with the respective customers when you deal with them with the various services for the offers and the products. There are many various advantages for selecting the word press themes. You still have an option of using these links with the word press themes for getting some money but there are specialized ones only for this. The main advantage of using these themes is that these word press themes give a professional look for the reviews that are published. Therefore it becomes easy for marketing purposes. The features of the products are mentioned by highlighting the pros and cons and with the images and the rating for the particular product. There are several other features too that are used in this.

There are customized controls that are features in these themes and there are responsive designs and an ample of theme options that are provided for the customer. Plug ins are additional feature in it. The multi template themes have this affiliated theme as a part of it.  If you wish to have a multiple theme for yourself, don’t miss yourself without checking these. When you select the purpose built affiliated theme, there are more chances of your website becoming success.



For the money making themes in the word press, REHub has been the top most and it aims at number one. There are various display features that are presented in this. The adding of reviews, the comparing of the products, and the presenting of the various features of the products becomes easier in this word press.

REHub is one of the best choices that you will ever make if you want to feature your product directly or you are taking it from the other website. All the work in this theme of the word press is done by the two of the ecommerce plug ins word press: easy digital downloads and the wooecommerce. you can present the list of the products that you are promoting in your website along with the other inventory product which adds on the increase in the number of sales and creating the money making opportunities by using the two plug ins.

These themes are really flexible and the formatting the website in various configuration becomes easier through this. The various formats are the blog lay out, the online store format, the magazine lay out. These themes allow you to publish the content using these lay out snad there are no hurdles when you publish the content using these themes.

There are various affiliated plugins in these themes and they include the table for comparing the product and a table for managing the outbound links. Tracking of the number of clicks for the links becomes easier with the option in this theme. The dashboard can be used for redirecting the users and take them to the page where they are supposed to be.

The table which is for the comparing of the products can be used for the highly recommended reviews of the particular product. The variation on the offers can be seen through this by the visitors and it becomes easier for them to stay in the same page without losing the main track.

There are various other additions too in the features and it is the best and worth trying it if you have a plan for making some money online through the commissions.

Price: $59


Steady income


The affiliated programs are monetized through the steady income and these themes are designed for it particularly. This is one of the fastest loading theme as this theme is created by the MyThemeShop team. There are many benefits and advantages if the pages load faster. If there are fast loading themes then the ranking in the search engine will be improved and also there will be more conversion rates.

Making money online becomes easier because of the various features and options that are available in these themes. The quick loading ones have special features that enable to load faster. The feature in the steady income include a stylish social media icons, an email list building tool, responsive design and a product display feature.

You can make money on your own through the various features that are available in the steady income. The features include the various layouts that are especially designed for the products, and there are more of granular setting and arrangement for the products that makes it easier for the users.

The steadyincome themes is a customized one and you will be allowed to access to various other products using this theme in a very reasonable price.

Price : $45




If you wish to have the services and the products with the offers in the center of the page, this is the best theme you can use. It is because it has got subtle designs in itself when compared to the other templates. If you wish to link the audience with the business and if you want to have a professional look then this is the best one for you.

The layout and the design in this theme is wide and there are more of features and designs that you have for working with the content of your product. There are various options too that are available for adding the content related to the product into your website. This theme is built in a way that it works with the advanced compare plus word press plugin. The imports of the product and the information is been taken care by the commercial tool that is available in the website. This enables and helps you to generate new content in your website regularly without any hassle.

Compare is the best one if you want a professional price comparison destination and option in your theme and also the corporate ecommerce store.

Price: $49




There is a latest and the advance version of the Rethink. The designs are revised and the themes have various additional features in the advanced version. The perfect affiliate website can be built with the help of this.

There are special feature for the service review and the publishing of the product. The comparison of the products can be done easily in this theme even if you are adding various reviews in your blog. The products reviews are handled very easily and you can check it out in the demo. The price comparison feature helps the customers to select the best one for them with the various deals and offers available for the particular product. The referral commission for the purchase by the customer is earned by you and the customers are helped for the latest and the reviewed pricing of the product.

This theme also has professional reviews for publishing for the products. It becomes easier for organizing the website and checking out the products with its reviews. The main advantage is that the customers are led to the page they are looking for without wasting their time and increasing the chance for getting the commission.

There is a great earning potential in this theme and the design and the feature also helps you as the best one.

Price : $59




This is also from the MyThemeShop team. With the team itself we know that this is also one of the fastest loading themes and it has a clean and a crisp design and the layout in it.

There is an inbuilt rating system that enables the customers to keep coming back to your page. There are different options in the page templates in flash. The looks can be changed with it and different types of content can be published using it. The functionality in this theme is very straight forward.

If you want the reviews of the products to be on the page and make it stand out then flash is the best option for you.

Price : $69




There are different layout options that are available in voice. There are various short codes that are offered in this theme. The page layout also has different variations. The progress bar, tabs, column layouts and various buttons can be included using this. The skin color can selected using the voice theme. The other option in this theme include the custom side bar, multiple pagination option, widget layout, header configuration mode, etc. bbpress and the woocommerce have built this for the support for making the discussion board and the online store easier for your website and the theme.

This theme is for the people who wish to publish their product and the content on a regular basis and get money through the affiliated links.

Price : $59




This is a new generation word press theme with a stylish blog. The engine in this theme is made keeping in mind the publishing of the reviews of various gadgets and entertainment. This makes the theme different from the others.

If the publishing schedules are very busy, this theme has the default page layout and it becomes easier for the publishing team. There are loads of articles that will be available in you page for the visitors. The visitors can select the article and can read them and also can go to various other pages by staying in your website. The multiple side bar and the widget layout helps the visitor to find an dread the other articles.

The themes are very efficiently and highly customized in the engine. The designs can be modified using the drag and drop editor option. You can also make a new one using the same. The content publishing features are loaded in this theme and the various features include the mini sites feature which helps you to promote your product alongside the main product.

Price : $64




This theme is by the elegant themes. The main purpose of this theme is for the online publishing of the reviews. The layouts in this theme are very unique and it is only for the publishing of the reviews online. There are star rating options, pricing information, review custom criteria, purchase buttons. There are many options for configuring your website through the lay outs and there are short codes as well that will add more elements in to your page of content.

This theme I one of the lowest prices sthat it offers with various features and it is built by the elegant theme product.

Price: $69





This is a SEO friendly template which is created by the Mythemeshop team. This is also one of the fastest loading themes that is available in the market right now. There is a great deal with the buying of this theme. It is that the theme has a great speed that it offers for its visitors and onlookers and it also allows the buyer to get the other lots more themes to be viewed in a very reasonable rate. The access to othere themes will be allowed when you buy this. There are three prebuilt layouts that are offered in this theme. You can monetize the website with the affiliated links and also the display of ad sense can also be added. The three layouts have the default mode for the blogs and the other one is the home page mode for displaying your content.

When you join the club of the MyThemeShop, you will get access to the premium WPreview pro plugin. The reviews will be made look professional. Various features can also be added to the affiliate content and the links in your website.

There is an extensive and wide range of themes and options that are available in the moneyflow. These options make the users and the maker easy to customize and edit the content according to the reviews that is published on the product and the offer.

Price : $69




This is an ideal theme for creating coupons using the wordpress. You can make money using te affiliated links to the coupon codes and the offers that are on discounts. You can easily make money using the links and the websites. There are handy search fields in the center and in the fronts which is in the default layout of this theme. The visitors can have a look at the best deals that are offered to them and which are in their local area.

There are options for displaying the other products and their links for promotion. The best feature that the couponxl have is that the visitors can submit their own deal by logging in and signing up on this website. This will automatically help you to row your website. There are loads of content that is added to your website. You can also charge for visiting the website by your visitors and for using the services. This will add on to a way for making money online. This theme is very modern and also very stylish. There is also a user friendly dashboard that is available for managing the coupons and the deals in your website. This is the best option for you for the coupons and the offers.

Price : $49




This theme is designed for the marketers for promoting their blogs for various services and also for the business purposes. The layout is very wide and you can add features to it according to your own wish. The colors make it look contrasting and the impression that is built by the visitors who visit your website is very strong through this. You can make the different changes to the website and the theme and the theme can also be customized according to your own choice and wish.

Expert theme has a very high quality blog and the theme of the word press is easily monetized with links that are affiliated for the products, offers and the services that are recommended.

Price : $59




This theme has the best review system. This makes it stand out of the others and it is a great choice for the ones who are looking for the reviews type website. There are four styles that are available in this theme. Those four styles are specialized for the content which are related to the news, sports, fashion and technology content. The content in the website can be monetized with the ad sense or the affiliated links. using the ad sense you can also display banner ads using the widgets that are available on the page. The premium visual composer drag and drop builder tool is available in the website for a more customized and a professional look. There is also a premium revolution slider plugin package that is available in this theme. The posts and content in the page can be displayed with more animation using this. The review builder control panel will help you have a professional look for the theme.

Price : $59




This is one of the ideal themes that is used for the affiliate website and the coupon codes. This theme has a support for the woocommerce plugin. The products that is added to your website has no problem at all. The best deals can be tracked using the comre theme and it is very easy using this. This is also for the mobile and the tablet users. By using the regular stream of posts in your blog you can monetize your website using the various designs that are available in this theme.

This theme makes a great value package because it has visual composer and a revolution slider that is in the commercial plugins.

Price : $59




This theme is used for making a technology based website and is the for of magazine word press style. There are various reviews that are added on this theme. There is a default layout in this theme. This enables to get the most latest content by scrolling itself automatically. It thereby makes the user easy to see the offers and check the deals. For making the best content stand out, this theme is the best one. All that you have to do is promote the content to the featured section which is in the home page.

This theme is made on a basis that the video content should also be displayed easily as the written word. If you want to write reviews for the videos then this is the best option for you. The other feature that are main in this theme are that it has a side by side comparison for making the visitors easy to take the right decision for picking up and selecting the project which is right for them.

If you want to build a website which is technology related and if you want your website look trendy and fresh and new then this is the best option on store to get online in a trendy style.

Price : $64

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