Cash Flow Quadrant!!

The CASH FLOW Quadrant is about the four different types of people who make up the world of business, who they are, and what makes individuals in each Quadrant unique. Each of us resides in at least one of the four Quadrants of the CASH FLOW Quadrant.

Where we are, is determined by where our main source of income comes from. Many of us rely on paychecks and are therefore employees, while others are self-employed.

Employees and self-employed individuals reside on the left side of the CASH FLOW Quadrant. The right side of the CASH FLOW Quadrant is for individuals who receive their cash from businesses or investments they own.

Cashflow Quadrant

It will help you define where you are in the Quadrant today and help you chart a course for where you want to be in the future as you choose your own path to financial freedom.

While financial freedom can be found in all four of the Quadrants, the skills of a ‘Business’ or ‘Investor’ will help you reach your financial goals more quickly. A successful ‘Employee’ should also become a successful ‘Investor’.

The reasons why you should have your own business are:

1. Richest people in the world build business. Every one else is just working for them. What do you want to be: own your own biz or to work for someone else. (Probably you are already working for someone else). You have a choice to own your own biz.   .

2. All the rich people in the world are either business owners or investors. So if you want to be rich you MUST be a business owner or an investor.  But there are certain hurdles that stop us from getting into business –

  • Capital
  • Risk
  • Expertise
  • Competition
  • Overheads
  • Infrastructure
  • Time Commitment
  • Reinvestment

3. If you need to become rich you need to Associate with those who can help you become rich. The question is that why they will help U to become rich. The Answer is that doing so they themselves get richer.

Reasons can be many, but what we want to suggest is that “YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN BUSINESS“.

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