20+ Best Small Business WordPress Themes

It is important and vital for all the businesses to have a website whether it is a start up or a fully fledged business. The businesses needs websites that will attract customers and clients towards it and convince them with the product you are dealing with. It is also quite clear that their business owners do not have time and money to spend and invest in the websites for the commission and the monetary benefits.

It is all done by the word press which converts the tasks of maintaining the website easier. It does not even consume much of your time and money and it has become really easy for promoting your product and the website. You can easily set up a very high quality website for the business and it can be done by selecting the right theme for the website. There are various options that are available for selecting for the lay out and the theme for your website. Some of them are mentioned below and you can select from the list of themes given below. If you probably select the one which is off the shelf, you might end up making the regular website with nothing and new and the look will be standard in it. There are various featured collection in it and those features helps to customize the theme according to the product and the business. There are multiple templates and designs that are available in the settings and the options. It means that there are various options for you to select from the given themes and even if you choose and finalize any one of them, you still have plenty of options for customizing the same. You will have a very unique website for yourself. The themes are very user friendly and therefore allow you to customize and configure the theme and the settings through the options that are available for making it look different from others. You can easily get a new website online by the options that are user friendly for the users and the makers.

Once you get to know about all these options in the themes, you will probably regret for not having a website of your own all these days. The word press themes are very unique and make the website stand out of the others.

X Theme


This is one of best and the most comparable themes that are available for various features and also for flexibility in the theme for your website. The page builder tool helps your small business grow into a big scope one. Through this theme, you will be allowed to create your own page layout for the theme you have selected for your website and this also helps you have a look at the live preview before fixing and finalizing it.

There are four designs that are very unique and they have various features. They are called as stacks by the website developers. These can be installed in your website for making your website run faster and in a quick way. From the time this theme was launched, there has been frequent updating of the version. There are additional features are added to it every time it is launched in an advanced way. The features are improved and also help your website in various ways in the wordpress plugins. There is a detailed theme review that you can check for knowing more about the features and the additional and the advanced options for the theme. The stylish design of this theme with its packed features makes it stands out from others.

Price : $64


Divi Theme


This is from the elegant themes team and it is one of the flagship themes available right now. This is one of the most used and the most unique themes that are available right now in the market. This theme helps you build the most unique and the perfect website for your business no matter what your focus and aim is on. It has distinct options for configuring the theme according to your wish. The services and the offers are presented in this theme in a very different way. There are high quality page layouts in this theme. The templates have various settings and options that help you change the page layout with the drag and drop option. The website can be created from the scratch and the codes has editing options that helps you make the best and the perfect theme for your website.

There are modules that are available in the divi builder tool. There can be various interactive elements that can be added to the website with the help of modules which will make it easy for you. Some of the modules that are available in this theme include testimonials, pricing tables, sliders; call to action buttons and many more of the options are there. There is also a demo version for this theme. The demo itself shows that whatever the business is about and whoever the audience is, this theme will do its best for getting the success of the website. There are further reading also available for this theme and if you wish to choose this theme, then you can however read further. if you wish to join the elegant themes membership club, then you will have to purchase this theme. There are high quality premium plugins also available and there are almost 87 themes that are available for making your business grow.

Price : $69


Business3ree Theme



There can be bold home page given in this theme of website. The visitor’s attention is grabbed by the background image that is very striking and bold. You can also display any other images on the screen as a slide show in order to greet and welcome the visitors on the page. There can be various other elements that can be added to the front page layout through the options in the theme. The visitors can then checkout the whole page for seeing the offers that your page offers for them. There is also an optional contact form which helps the visitors to send you a message. There is also a drag and drop option available in the website through which you can change and manage the website in a traditional way. If you are looking for a theme that can be quickly installed and run, then this is the best theme for you because it gets started up very quickly and there is more flexibility in building up the theme. This theme is very modern and also very stylish created by the CSSIgniter.

Price : $49


Worker Theme



This is a multipurpose theme and it is more flexible theme. This is idea for the small businesses and its website in different fields. If you need to fix an appointment in this business or if you have to accept any bookings, then this theme has the ability of doing it through the premium booked wordpress plugin. The calendar can also be displayed through this theme and it can be set in the front end of your page in the website. This helps the visitors check for your availability easily through the bookings and the appointments and the calendar that are displayed on the front page itself. This theme’s calendar is from the Google calendar, this saves the make sand the visitor from taking up a new system.

There is a plenty of options for setting your home page and the inner page and there are lots of flexibility that is available for building the website. There are plenty of options as well for adding in your website. The elements that can be added in your website include a contact form, a gallery portfolio, testimonial, icon lists with features, and the service descriptions. Excluding these, there are lots more to it. This theme was created by the tesla theme and in order to get this worker theme you have to either purchase the theme itself or become a member of the club for getting access to various other quality themes.

Price : $48


Entrepreneur Theme



This is also another website and the theme that helps for scheduling and booking of the appointments. You can also try the demo version for this theme. This theme can be used for different types of small businesses. The various fields of the businesses that can use this theme for their website include the physician, hairstylist, personal trainers, coaches, contractors, consultants, and other multipurpose workers. This theme also offers a mobile friendly version booking of the appointments for your users and visitors. No matter what your business is, the customers and clients can get this in their mobiles itself. The portfolio can also be displayed in the phone. The contact list also appears. The page layout can also be changed and displayed.

If your business has more of appointments, scheduling and timeslots then this is the best theme for you. There are more of genuine features that this theme adds up to and this will make your website look different with the genuine theme.

Price : $49


Sydney Pro Theme



This is one of the self created themes for small business in and around different fields. This has a modern design and clean looking website.  The best work can be showcased in the home page background that will help you grab the attention of the visitors. The quality of your brand can also be displayed through the masterpiece work. The slider can also be used in the inner pages of the website.

The tried and tested form of the home page layout is been used by the Sydney pro. The elements are included in the home page and the configuration is entirely on you to decide about the same. If you want to have a deeper idea about the theme, then you can check the demo version. The time line module is one of the particular good options that this theme has. The history of the business can be displayed using that option and you can also display the journey through it. The potential of your ability and the company can be displayed using it and the customers can have look at what you have for them. There are various other features as well that are added in the Sydney pro. This includes the custom widgets for the side bar, additional page templates, full support for the woocommerce and the wordpress customizer tool.  The look of this theme is really great and this also helps you create a website that will help you demonstrate the product and the brands connecting with the outside people for growing your connections and the businesses.

Price : $49


Business Theme



This theme is created by the MyThemeShop team and with that we know that this is also one of the fastest theme available for any website. This has a stylish look and also a corporate touch for the website. This theme does a wonderful work in letting the visitors know about what you are offering and what your services are all about. This theme can be configured in various numbers of ways through the theme build website. The features include the number of navigation setting, various color options and also the different lay outs for the page. Building up this theme and making the customized editing and the changes is really easy and straight forward.  This theme is for the ones who are looking for the whole new interface with easy handling and features.

Price : $69


Executive Theme



For every popular genesis framework, this executive is the child theme. When you have installed this theme, your website will look like a demo for the quick installation and running of the website. This can be run in different devices and gadgets of different screen sizes. If you want to have a professional website with a more corporate look, then this theme is the best match for you. There are color variations in the themes that you can select from and usually there are muted tones because that helps to display the product in a more colorful way. There are various options for the customers and the clients through this theme and he website that you have built professionally.  You can also add any banner and the images and also the buttons to your website. This will turn into more of conversion rates and will also help your business grow.

You can also check out the more detailed review for knowing all the features and the options that this theme offers. This is more specifically for having a corporate look and it also has a specific target for the website and the business.

Price : $99.95


Thefox Theme



This is a very flexible theme. This is used for any type of business and for any type of website. There is also a pre-built demo configuration that is available and it is also a best choice for the ones who are looking out for creating a word press in the business website. There is the website-friendly demo for this theme. There are also very interesting options in this theme. This feature helps the website to give the message to the visitors immediately after they are in the website. This also helps in publishing the information of the business on the website.  Whichever them you have used, you still can customize the settings. This can be taken in action through the control panel. There is also an inbuilt page builder tool. If you are a non coder then this theme is the best one as it does not need any codes for making the changes in the theme.

Price : $59


Bodega Theme



There are different pre-built demo versions in this. There are different small businesses in it and if you want a theme or your website that would suit your product and the business then this is the best one for you. If you have checked the demo version of this theme and if you have really liked it then you can easily install it in just a few clicks. Once it is installed all that you have to do is add the content to it. There are more options if you wish to personalize the design for the website and the customization. There is also a builder tool which is inbuilt. There is no restriction in fixing up the look and you can change in your own way and view. There are various unique features that this bodega theme holds. Some of the variant themes and options that are available and some of the exclusive feature include the slider tool, the multiple header style, the vertical side bars, the full width layouts, the parallel scrolling etc. there is also use of SVG animation in this theme for making it unique while displaying the content to the visitors in the website.

Price : $59


Salient Theme



This is also a multipurpose theme which is based on the small business. This can be built using the wordpress. It was released in the year 2013 and from then it has been doing quite well. It has been advanced and upgraded on a regular basis for getting the improvements in the features. The number of websites that can be built over this theme has also changed and it has also increased with time. this is a very flexible theme and you can check and know more about it through the demo. The builder tool is inbuilt and it is very easy to change and mix the elements by matching it according to your designs and ways. Check out the online documentation and the walkthrough video of this theme if you wish to purchase it for having a flexible theme.

Price : $59


Avada Theme



This is one amongst the most sorted and the best selling themes that is available right now in the market. This is the best amongst all others in the theme forest. This has been purchased for more than 150,000 times by the users. This is very popular amongst the users. The very different feature of the avada is that it will not be similar to any of the theme that is built with the same feature. It will end up in looking very different from the other. There are pre-built demos that are available in this theme. The demos can also be imported with just a click. There is also a builder tool in it which is inbuilt and the control panel has theme options that are different from the others. There is a great flexibility with the changes in the theme that can be made to the theme and the page. The theme after it was launched is on an upgrading system very frequently. It has never been put on repository. With the advancement in the upgrading of the themes, the features and the option also gets upgraded.

This theme is described as the swiss army knife of themes. There are so many lay outs that are available in this theme. Te templates and eh settings also differ and there are options for customizing it in an easy way. If you want a multipurpose theme which can be adjusted and modifies according to your business and the products then this is the best theme. You can also have a test drive if you want to check before finalizing it.

Price : $59


Stockholm Theme



This is for the small business owners and this has various options for setting up a new website from the scratch. There are 20 multi concept demos that are available and they can be deployed within minutes in just few clicks. This is for the people who are looking for options and are concerned about the looks and the display of the website. There are options that this theme offers for its users and some of the features are the fixed vertical navigation panels, parallax scrolling and the full screen image slider. It is very clean and stylish in design and it is useful for promoting small businesses with some animation effects in it.

Price : $59


Bridge Theme



There are 100 of demo versions that are available for this theme. Whatever the product and the business is ,this theme provide you with a pre made template that is already made for you and for keeping in use. You might not find it easier while seeing the demo version of this them. But the visual composer drag and drop option helps you in building a page on your own design from the very scratch. The commercial layer slider plugin is also available in the wordpress and it is one of the most popular content slider plugin that is available right now. if you have  a plan for making up an online shop or if you want to add any product to your website, then this is the best one for you. This is more compatible and it is more flexible. Since there are pre-built lay outs you might find it difficult to select one from the ample of lay outs that are available in this theme.

Price : $59

Betheme Theme



This theme consumes very less time and it has a very handy wizard for the website. There are different steps in making up the website and you can select from the different lay outs that are available for you and the different header style that are available. You can configure your website according to your own will and wish. If you think this takes time and is a long process then you can opt for the one click installer. With this click any one of the 100 pre made lay outs will be installed in the word press.  There are more eye catchy features also that are available in this and the web design trends and techniques also differ. There can be customizing of each layout and you can also check them as a preview before you make the final selection. There will be something or the other for people of all types and of all kinds of businesses.

Price : $59


Brooklyn Theme



People who want to grow their business with images of all qualities, this will be the perfect theme for them. This theme can be deployed in the 13 pre-built layouts. There are different configuration that can be set for different images. It can either be the masonry grid layout or the full width background images, it could also be a image slide shows, what you select is up to you. There are many people who have used and purchased this theme and one can easily check them out. The features of this theme can be presented in a very different way and the inspiration can be seen on the website itself. If you are selecting this theme for your website, then making up a professional website should not be a difficult task for you.

Price : $49


Koncept Theme



if people have a small business and they do not want to spend much time and effort in selecting the theme for the website then this is the best one for them. There are more than 30 demo layouts that are available and there are 999 pre built pages that are in the form of layouts. Be it cleaning or construction, or whatever the business is about this theme will fit in it perfectly. The design in this is very modern and no matter whatever you are selecting for the theme, it will be up to date.

Price : $59


Modena Theme



This is for the small businesses which offer the health and the well being services. this theme is flexible for the fitness trainer or of any other similar sector. It has a home page builder tool which is inbuilt and it helps to have  a more dynamic look for the front page as a breeze. There is also a slideshow builder which is also inbuilt in the website. This helps to display and present the services and products in a more highlighted way. It has a full support for the woocommerce and if you are planning for setting up an online shop in your website then this is the best theme for you. The payments and the inventory can be managed online and there will be plugins that are available in this theme. There is a eye catchy display for this theme. You have to join the WPZoom club if you wish to check out the other 50 premium themes for  a very low price.

Price : $69


Enfold Theme


This is one of the best themes for small businesses and for having the website run in a very short time r as quickly as possible. There are various demo versions also that are available. They can install in just a few click. The number of demo versions is growing with each launch and each time it is re launched. All the types of businesses and the services are well catered through this type of theme. the website can be made with the use of bold colors and they can also made with the pre built configurations. Some traditional look can also be given and animation can also be added. It is all up to the developer how he wishes to have his website according to the business and the product and the services that it offers.  But whatever the changes you have made, it will still be a mobile friendly site and also will be very easy for the visitors to find it.

Price : $59


Unicorn Theme



This is one of the newly released wordpress that is doing rounds. This is used for promoting services online if you have a small business. There are new features that has been updated and added to it and it is not available for a long time. There are more improved designs. The new advanced version includes the page demo, page elements, layouts, header options that are very exclusive and new. You will know that it is worth only after you have purchased it. These options makes it easier to make the changes in the layout according to the services that the website is offering .

There is also a drag and drop tool that is inbuilt and that makes it easier for making the changes. There is more flexibility for making the changes in the page. The website can be configured according to your own style and wish. This is very easy to use and make the changes in the settings. There is plenty of scope for editing and customization. There are features that will help you make a professional website look.

Price : $59

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